Real Property Law Section

Who We Are | Our Mission

This Section’s purpose is to provide a means by which all interested MSBA members may join in furthering the Association’s work in the field of real property law. [Bylaw 2.0]

The Real Property Law Section is governed by its council and officers. Much of the work of the Section is performed by its Committees.

Please note:
Neither the Minnesota State Bar Association nor the Real Property Law Section represents that any particular information to which this page provides links is accurate. No person should rely on or treat any information to which this page provides links as legal advice. You should consult a lawyer with any specific legal question important to you.

What We Do | Section Benefits and Activities

Join the Real Property Law Section and as a member you gain access to: 
- A wide variety of legal forms developed by the Residential Real Estate Committee  
- An active and lively Section Community (similar to a listserv) to assist with questions that arise within your practice
- Yearly Title Standards updates

Modernizing Land Records Subcommittee

The Modernizing Land Records Subcommittee (MLRS) of the MSBA Real Property Section's Legislative Committee, was authorized to explore ideas for significant reforms to the Minnesota land records systems.  Recognizing that MLRS members are primarily private practice attorneys from the Metro area, we made a concerted effort to engage stakeholders around the state.  To gather initial information, we developed surveys for MSBA real property section members and county recorders, and hosted listening sessions in the fall of 2017.  The outcome of these listening sessions are posted as hyperlinks here:

The MLRS is currently seeking comments on the MLRS Report to Section Council link below.  Please use the form on this page to submit your comments.