International Business Law Section

Who We Are | Our Mission

The International Business Law Section brings together members of the Minnesota Bar to advise businesses operating across borders.  The Section a) provides education on current legal aspects of cross-border business; b) provides networking opportunities; c) shares foreign counsel resources; d) reaches out to potential new members and students; and e) collaborates with others to promote Minnesota cross-border trade and investment.    

What We Do | Section Benefits and Activities

  • Presents CLE programs s and serves as a forum for the discussion of current events and legal developments affecting global business.
  • Conducts the annual International Business Law Institute in conjunction with Minnesota CLE.
  • For the practitioner with a more extensive practice, the Section features not only a discussion of the legal issues but also business, tax, and cultural aspects of international business.
  •  Hold social events and networking opportunities (annual meeting dinner and holiday event) throughout the year.