Greater Minnesota Practice Section

Who Are We | Our Mission

The mission of the Section is to promote the benefits and discuss the realities of practicing in communities outside of the metro area. The Section seeks to enhance the viability of attorneys practicing in Greater Minnesota and to identify and work toward solutions for the problems shared by those attorneys. 

The Section will promote active dialogue surrounding the legal matters that are unique to a rural legal practice and the growing concern for access to attorneys, and the justice system in rural areas. To that end, the Section Council has created the Greater MN Legal Opportunity Map, which includes an easy to use mapping tool (shown below) for promoting legal opportunities in areas outside of the metro. 

What We Do | Section Benefits and Activities

  • Members of the Greater Minnesota Section Council assist in planning the ‘Strategic Solutions Conference’, an annual Minnesota CLE seminar hosted in Duluth that is focused on topics relevant to the section members.
  • Occasional CLEs
  • Networking opportunities
  • Section-only online community