Tech Law Section

Who We Are | Our Mission

The Tech Law Section provides topical legal discussions and continuing legal education, relevant to the industry and practice. Members have a broad variety of practices, including in-house counsel, litigators, intellectual property lawyers, and transactional lawyers. Law students are welcome to attend and participate.

What We Do | Section Benefits and Activities

The Section provides attorneys with opportunities to enhance their professional effectiveness in the practice of technology law. Benefits include:
  • In-depth information on issues affecting Technology Law through the annual institute, noontime CLEs, and legislative updates.
  • Tools to enhance professional effectiveness including updates in computer related contract and licensing law, and check lists designed to highlight contractual issues and to suggest drafting approaches both for attorneys whose main practice is computer contracts and for those who deal with the subject only infrequently. 
  • A chance to meet, work with, and build a powerful network of contacts in technology law through CLEs, committees, and other events. 
  • Opportunities to influence legislation by monitoring, drafting and providing opinions on pending tech law related legislation.