Advocate Award

Advocate Award

Each spring the Civil Litigation Section presents the Advocate Award to an individual who has made a significant contribution to improving the system of civil justice in Minnesota.

Award Guidelines

       Annamarie Daley, 2023 Recipient;
       Pictured with 2023-24 Section Chair Dan O'Fallon

Among the factors considered by the Section's Governing Council are whether the nominee: 
  • brought about structural improvements in the civil litigation system
  • advanced the cause of under-represented groups in the civil litigation system
  • demonstrated a commitment to the civil litigation system over years of service
  • furthered improvement in the civil litigation system without receiving appropriate recognition

Past Recipients include:
2023    Annamarie A. Daley
2022    Charlie Bird
2021    Chauvin Trial Team: Jerry Blackwell, Steve Schleicher, Lola Velazquez-Aguilu
2021    Honorable Kevin Burke (pictured)
2020    Kim Allen Pennington
2019    Former MN Supreme Court Justice Alan C. Page 
2018    Honorable Jill Flaskamp Halbrooks
2017    Andrew M. Luger
2016    Chief Judge Peter Cahill
2015    Eric J. Magnuson
2014    Jessie Nicholson
2013    Richard L. Pemberton
2012    Honorable Edward Toussaint
2011    Honorable Harriet Lansing
2010    Marianne D. Short
2009    Justice Paul H. Anderson 
2008    Honorable Allen Oleisky
2007    Daniel A. Gislason
2006    Honorable Doris Ohlsen Huspeni
2005    Honorable A.M. “Sandy” Keith
2004    Gail Bohr
2003    George Soule
2002    Honorable John E. Simonett
2001    Honorable Douglas K. Amdahl
2000    Rosemarie Park
1999    David Herr
1998    Larry Maloney
1997    Jeremy Lane
1996    Michael Steenson
1995    Honorable Patrick Fitzgerald
1994    Janice Symchych