Children and the Law Section

Who We Are | Our Mission

The purpose of the Section is to improve the quality of life for children through advancements in law, justice, and public policy and to foster and enhance the skills of Minnesota lawyers engaged in the representation of children, and by serving as a liaison with other parts of the MSBA and the public on issues related to children and the law. 

All attorneys - whether their primary practice is child-focused or they just have an interest in children and the law - are encouraged to join the section!

What We Do | Section Benefits and Activities

The Children and the Law Section provides its members with opportunities to:

  • Network with other child advocates;
  • Enhance their professional effectiveness;
  • Improve justice for children; and
  • Contribute to the profession and the community through opportunities for direct service.

Some of the benefits of membership in the Children & the Law Section include:

  • Access to up-to-date information on critical issues affecting Minnesota’s children and the law related to children’s issues through council/roundtable meetings, electronic news updates and CLE offerings;
  • A forum for child advocates to meet and address common concerns and issues through council/roundtable meetings and the section's annual meeting;
  • Opportunities to meet, work with and build a network of contacts with child advocates;
  • Opportunities to honor law students and attorneys who contribute to the area of children and the law;
  • Chances to contribute to the legal profession and the community; and
  • A vehicle for child advocates to have a voice in decision-making through input to and representation on local and statewide committees, commissions, task forces and court, bar association and legislative groups.

The Children & the Law Section activities and initiatives include:

  • Section Council Meetings every other month on Zoom, all section members are welcomed to attend;
  • Section-sponsored CLE programs, including the annual State of the Child Summit (held either in the Fall or Spring);
  • The Annual Kathleen Blatz Child Advocate and Pro Bono Service Award. More details and award recipients;
  • Investigation of a Child Law Certification program;
  • Collaboration with child advocacy agencies, such as the Children's Law Center, the Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis and Civil Society;
  • Promotion of pro bono and legal aid opportunities and trainings for attorneys interested in volunteering in the area of children and the law.