Guide to Working with Resist Refuse Dynamics and Parental Alienating Behaviors

The purpose of this training session is to help attorneys better understand the patterns and complexities of cases involving resist/refuse (RR) dynamics and parental alienating behaviors (PABs). This one-hour will cover various approaches to assessing the severity of the resistance, why resistance builds, and why it can be so intractable. Specific risk factors for resist/refuse dynamics will be covered so that attorneys can better identify the likelihood of resistance and PABs in their clients.

This CLE is approved for credit through February 15, 2025.

Kalli Matsuhashi, MA, LP, LMFT | New Family Beginnings

CLE Credits:
1.0 Standard CLE Credit approved | Event Code: 480561

MSBA Members:  $29.95
Non-MSBA Members:  $64.95



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