The Hennepin County Bar Memorial is a time-honored tradition, over 100 years, that honors and celebrates the lawyers and judges who passed away in the past year.

This annual special session of the Hennepin County District Court welcomes family members, colleagues, and friends to remember and recognize members of the profession who have gone before us.

Please let us know of Hennepin County lawyers and judges who pass away. Contact Sabrina Sands at

2024 HCBA Bar Memorial

Due to limitations at the location, audio is not available for the musical selections. Audio will return for the presenters. 

Download 2024 HCBA Bar Memorial Booklet


Convening of the Special Session - Chief Judge Kerry W. Meyer 

Musical Selection - Música Ipsa Loquitor (Audio not available) 

Invocation - Judge Joseph R. Klein 

Recognition of Deceased Members 


Memorial Address - Commissioner Toddrick Barnette 

Musical Selection and Slideshow (Audio not available) 

Memorials Presented to the Court - Louise Behrendt 

Presentation Accepted 

Musical Selection - Música Ipsa Loquitor (Audio not available) 

Court Adjourned 



Robert J. Alfton  

Hon. Thorwald H. Anderson, Jr.  

John R Arlandson   

William George 'Bill' Bale  

Hon. Floyd E "Bud" Boline  

Frank Bonvino  

Jeffrey Brauchle  

Joseph Frederick Breimayer  

Robert L. Bullard  

Shannon Colleen Carey  

Scott R. Carlson  

Edward Marshal Cohen, Sr.  

Jay Frances Cook  

Hon. Gary Crippen  

Hon. Harry Seymour Crump  

David Durenberger  

Hon. David Duffy  

Ezra Ebner  

Tracey Eichhorn-Hicks  

Marvin T. 'Marv' Fabyanske  

Fred Earl Finch  

Jay Carl 'Joey' Fogelberg  

Curtis Forslund  

Daniel Goldberg  

N. Walter Graff  

Penny Heaberlin  

Douglas Hedin  

Douglas Heidenreich  

Nicole Rochelle Hittner  

Thomas Holloran  

Thomas C. Hunt  

Michelle Jacobson  

Mark Alan Jacobson  

Cynthia Marie Johnson  

Charles Kelly  

Velma 'Viki' Kimsal  

Hon. Mary Louise Klas  

Douglas Klint  

Hon. Franklin J. Knoll  

Joyce Helen Laher  

Hon. Henry McCarr  

Joseph "Patrick" McDavitt  

Richard 'Rich' Miller  

Dale J Moe  

Hon. Leonard Nelson  

Dayle Nolan  

Melvin J. Peterson, Jr.  

Hon. Delila Pierce  

Stephen Radtke  

Thomas Regan  

Jeffrey Bruce Ring  

Robert Rydland  

Raul Olea Salazar  

James G. Sifferle  

Russell Morgan Spence, Sr.   

Russell J. Sudeith  

Chris Sur  

Timothy Robert Thornton  

Wellington Wheeler 'Duke' Tully, Jr. 

Jeanne Unger  

James G. Vander Linden  

James Waldhauser  

Tim Walsh  

Mark H.B. Williamson  

Tsipora 'Tsippi' Wray  

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