Donor Spotlight: Debra Bulluck

Debra Bulluck MSBADebra Bulluck has recently transitioned to Moss & Barnett as an associate in its Family Law division. Before this position, she represented survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault at Standpoint and clerked under Referee Mary Madden in Hennepin County for three years. At Berea College, Debra participated in the freshman program, “Walk the Walk,” where participants engaged in a silent simulation depicting what survivors may experience after reporting domestic and sexual violence. This experience stuck with Debra and propelled her into the legal field. 

Having been behind the bench, on the public interest side with Standpoint, and now in private practice, Debra has a holistic view of the role of the various legal actors in effectuating public good. With regard to domestic and sexual violence, the private sphere can facilitate breaking down stereotypes regarding who can abuse and be abused. The courts, as neutral entities, can be receptive to training on domestic and sexual violence. The public interest actors educate courts and others about the nuances of violence and possible counterintuitive behaviors survivors may exhibit during legal proceedings, among other advocacy matters. For Debra, civil issues such as domestic and sexual violence are “an everybody problem,” which all facets of the legal system work together to alleviate. 

Now at Moss & Barnett, Debra notes that the beauty of private practice is being able to turn around and donate to organizations such as Standpoint. From her time behind the bench, Debra knows the importance of competent counsel in intimate violence cases and how civil organizations like Standpoint aid survivors in legal proceedings. She encourages others to donate both time and money to legal aid organizations when possible.