Pro Bono Spotlight: Adam Terwey

Adam Terwey is the executive director of St. Croix Legal Services, a non-profit that builds pro bono into the heart of their operations. Their mission statement, in part, states that they "…provide high-quality legal services exclusively pro bono or on an income-based, sliding fee scale for individuals and families of modest means.  In addition to our primary goal of providing access to the legal system, we are dedicated to developing and supporting programs and policies designed to close the 'justice gap' on state and national levels."

Just as St. Croix Legal Services has been incorporated as a MN non-profit since 2015, Terwey has consistently achieved North Star Lawyer status for the past seven years. 

So, why pro bono? For Terwey, it’s part of his values. 

"It serves God and country in the sense that helping those living in poverty or facing other struggles is one of my religious values, and enabling access to the legal system helps maintain integrity and respect for our government institutions."

Maintaining integrity and respect are not the only outcomes for Terwey’s clients, he’s also noted that, in many cases, that it’s gratitude.

"Sometimes you are the only person who has been able and willing to help. This makes the work more rewarding."

Terwey keeps pro bono at the heart of all of his work in a way that it doesn’t feel separate from his non pro bono clients, and he urges the community to do the same, concluding, "The need is ever-increasing, and providing this type of work benefits the larger community by reducing the impact of unrepresented people on our legal system. It results in more just and fair outcomes. It is rewarding and clients are grateful."

To check out the work that Terwey, and the rest of the St. Croix Legal Services team is doing, visit their website at, and visit our Pro Bono Opportunities for information on how to make pro bono part of your practice.