Jevon Bindman

Where do you volunteer and what do you do?  I volunteer at the State Law Library Appeals Clinic and the Volunteer Lawyers Network Legal Access Point clinic. I have also taken full pro bono representation of criminal and civil appeals as well as housing matters, and I am currently working on an Innocence Project case before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Length of time volunteering: 6 years

Why is pro bono important to you? As members of the bar we have the privilege of unique access to the justice system. With that privilege comes the responsibility of providing that access to more than just the people who can afford to purchase our services.

How do you make time for pro bono? I sign up for a years’ worth of clinic dates at the beginning of the year so that it is already on my calendar when things get busy. Often I’ll find a case at a clinic that piques my interest and I ask to provide full representation.

What have you learned from your pro bono practice? As a civil litigator it is hard to get stand-up experience in court. Through my pro bono cases I’ve had the opportunity to argue at numerous hearings, including at the Minnesota Court of Appeals and (in a few months) at the Fifth Circuit. Pro bono work is also a great way to give back to the community and make a tangible and positive impact on somebody’s life.

What would you like the legal community to know about pro bono? Stop thinking about what to do and just jump in and do something! There is so much need out there, you can’t make a wrong choice.

Jevon is an associate at Maslon, LLP where he focuses his work on construction, insurance coverage, and appellate litigation as well as antitrust and general commercial matters. In addition to the pro bono work above, he sits on the board of Minnesota Justice Foundation and is a member of the Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the Rules of Evidence. More information about State Law Library volunteering can be found here and VLN's website contains a host of information for their many opportunities. Thank you, Jevon, for your commitment to pro bono and your community!