RCBA Awards Recognize Contribution to the Law and Community

by Joseph Satter | Apr 21, 2021
The Ramsey County Bar Association is presenting its Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award and the Liberty Bell Award on May 12, recognizing service to the local legal profession and community. The 2021 awards will be presented at the association’s annual Member Appreciation Day event, to be held via remote participation this year. Visit www.ramseybar.org for event information and registration.

Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award: Veena Iyer 

The Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award is given to an individual who demonstrates outstanding professional performance, leadership in the development of law in the community, and a commitment to humanitarian service to the bar and the Ramsey County community. The 2021 recipient, Veena Iyer, currently serves as Executive Director of the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota (ILCM). Iyer and the team at ILCM provide immigration legal services to low-income immigrants throughout the state and engage in advocacy and education efforts to support access to justice. Previously, Iyer was a shareholder at the law firm of Nilan Johnson Lewis, practicing labor and employment law. Her work at ILCM is a culmination of a career of humanitarian service that has benefitted not only the residents of Ramsey County, but the greater community throughout Minnesota. 

Liberty Bell Award:  Center for Excellence in Supported Decision Making (CESDM) -- Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin  

The RCBA Liberty Bell Award is given each year to recognize non-lawyers who have been involved in activities that promote a better understanding of the law and our government. The 2021 recipient, Center for Excellence in Supported Decision Making, was instrumental in working with the Minnesota State Bar Association attorney drafting committee to develop and update Minnesota guardianship law. CESDM regularly offers educational opportunities to attorneys through CLE programs, and services to the community.  CESDM’s staff consists of social workers Kathleen Carlson, Amanda Hudson, and Anita Raymond. John Kantke is the Managing Attorney for Volunteers of America/Estate and Elder Law Services, the non-profit firm that works with CESDM. In 2016, Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin opened the CESDM to promote safe and viable alternatives to guardianship and conservatorship in Minnesota.

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