Getting to Know Racey Rodne, 2022-23 Treasurer & Secretary of the RCBA

If you couldn't be a lawyer, what job would you want to try?

When I started law school I was working at the University of Minnesota's Mariucci and Ridder Arenas as an Assistant Arena Manager. Most of my professional experience before attending law school was in events such as corporate galas, music festivals, or even extravagant birthday parties where the main event would be a Steven Tyler concert. I enjoyed a lot of that work so if I couldn't be a lawyer, I would probably be working in event production or arena management.

What’s a great piece of advice you’ve received?

"There is no need to reinvent the wheel but do not let form replace thought." After making a mistake by using an old example of a document, I was kindly corrected of my mistake and taught that I must be more intentional in my work and to not let form replace thought.

How do you unwind and add balance to your week? When you aren’t a lawyer what are you up to?

My wife and I purchased a home in the West 7th Neighborhood of St. Paul in late 2021. Our yard is not big enough for an inground garden but does have space for some raised garden beds. This summer (2022) has been my first summer testing out the raised garden beds and I couldn't be happier so far—I will have to provide an update come fall.

What books, movies, podcasts or TV shows have you enjoyed recently?

I am currently reading My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick Douglass which I believe could be of value to just about everyone.

Racey Rodne practices personal injury law with McEllistrem Fargione, PA and is a member of the RCBA Diversity Committee. He will serve as Treasurer and Secretary of the RCBA for the 2022-23 bar year.