Meet RCBA Member Charlie Shafer

Charlie ShaferMeet Charlie Shafer, the Social Chair of the RCBA New Lawyers Section. Learn more about what inspired him to become an attorney, how he got his start, and lessons he’s learned along the way.

Current Firm:
Collins, Buckley, Sauntry & Haugh, P.L.L.P.

Current RCBA leadership roles:
Social Chair—RCBA New Lawyers Section; RCBA, Member at Large

How did you get involved with the RCBA?
Sarah McEllistrem and Racey Rodne encouraged me to join.

What led you to a career in law?
After college, and after deciding to forego my dream of entering the NBA post-college, I worked as the receptionist at Collins, Buckley, Sauntry & Haugh, where the attorneys and their work there inspired me.

How did you choose your practice area?
The work of Kimberle W. Crenshaw inspired me to practice employment law.

Crenshaw deconstructed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to theoretically expand its protections to those who are subject to discrimination. Her work (primarily, the theory of Intersectionality) serves as one example of how a lawyer can analyze and critique the law to expand the law's scope and protection to those who need it.

My coursework as an English major at Hamline University allowed me to use language to interrogate and navigate the status quo, and I wanted to continue using these skills to help people in their daily lives.

Who is your ideal client, if other members make a referral to you?
My ideal client is an employee who is the subject of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment at the hands of their employer.

Best advice you’ve ever received?
"Nothing we experience is without significance,” which is a lesson in vigilance and gratitude.

How do you unwind and add balance into your week?
Playing recreational sports with friends throughout the week and attempting to maintain a regular exercise routine.

What books, shows, podcasts have you been recommending lately?
I read Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin in my freshman year of college, and it ruined me. I would also recommend reading anything James Baldwin has written.

Favorite meal to eat out or prepare?
Hola Arepa

Any favorite vacation spots/getaways?
Grand Teton National Park