Ramsey County Courthouse Remodels and Repurposes Mothers Room

As of 2021, visiting attorneys, their staff, and other members of the public now have access to the Ramsey County Courthouse Mothers Room. 

When a concerned mother came to the RCBA Diversity committee requesting help on creating a mothers room for attorneys and their staff while at the courthouse, we knew this was a project that we could accomplish. Before 2021, the courthouse had a space for its current employees (as required by Minn. Stat. 181.939) and jury members but did not have any available space for visiting attorneys and their staff. The Ramsey County Bar Association Diversity Committee worked with judges, courthouse staff and county staff on this project for the past year and are excited to say that the mothers room is now open for use. 

Throughout my time on this project, I have heard from mothers sharing their experiences of pumping in their cars, in bathroom stalls, or in other inconvenient or uncomfortable spaces. Additionally, the RCBA Diversity Committee sponsored a CLE featuring Jacquelyn Lutz discussing Minnesota law surrounding breastfeeding. Overall, this project has showcased that mothers rooms should be normalized in all places of work, including courthouses. The Ramsey County Courthouse is now officially one of those places. 

The Ramsey County Courthouse mothers room is located in Room 90 in the lower level of the Courthouse across the hall from the jury registration room. The mothers room has a keypad and deadbolt. The keypad has a red and green light—red meaning the room is in use. 

If RCBA members have questions about the Ramsey County Courthouse Mothers Room, please contact Racey Rodne (rrodne@mcfarg.com) with the RCBA Diversity Committee. Additionally, if you have any thoughts or suggestions on other projects that the RCBA Diversity Committee should be tackling, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss such projects.