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Attorney's Toolbox

Complete Internet Researcher (Genie Tyburski et al)

Evaluating Foreign and International Legal Databases on the Internet

Evaluating Internet Research Sources

Evaluating Quality on the Net (Hope Tillman)

Government Resources on the Internet (Tyburski)

GSU Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research

Guide To European Legal Databases

Guide to Legal Research (G. Tyburski)

Infoworks' Internet Library for Librarians

Internet International Law Resources (U Chicago)

Internet Skills and Strategies for the Legal Researcher: Index

Legal Journals on the Web (USC)

Legal Research Guide (U of San Diego Law School)

Legal Research Guides (SMU Law School)

Legal Research Using the Internet (U Chicago)

Librarians' Guide to Internet Site Evaluation (Berkeley)

MN Legislative History Step by Step Guide

Quality of Web Info (Tyburski)


Search Engine Guide The Guide to Search Engines, Portals, and Directories

Search Engine Watch

Securities Law Resources (Genie Tyburski)

The Virtual Chase: A Research Site for Legal Professionals

The Virtual Chase: Information Quality: A Checklist for Determining the Value of Information

The Virtual Chase: The Annotated Guide to Resources for Legal Professionals

UC Berkeley: Searching the Web

University Law Review Project






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