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Section Membership

As of June 1, 2013 the Section has 73 members.  This reflects a 22% decrease in membership since June 1, 2012.


Financial Status

The Section had an account balance of $6,475.93 as of 5/30/13.


Continuing Legal Education Programs

The Section hosted 2 CLE programs in fiscal year 2012-13. 


Program Title


Event Code

CLE Credits

Number of Attendees

The Animal Humane Society and Kindest Cut: Legal Implications and Requirements of Offering Veterinary Services in MN





Backyard to Battery Cages: Egg and Poultry Production, Consumption and Regulation








On 1/31/13, the Animal Law Section (ALS) held a meeting to discuss whether to publicly support SF 36 and HF 84 which would regulate commercial dog and cat breeders in Minnesota. The ALS voted to express public support and submitted its proposal to the MSBA for approval on 2/12/13.   The ALS sought and obtained the Agricultural & Rural Law Section’s position on the ALS’s proposed public position on 2/14/13.  Unfortunately, the ALS’s  proposal to publicly support the legislation was pre-empted by MSBA President Bob Enger on 2/15/13.  Mr. Enger stated SF 36 and HF 84 required funding and was therefore highly likely to conflict with the MSBA’s position supporting adequate funding for the courts, public defenders, and civil legal services. Consequently, the ALS was not able to express public support for the bills prior to June 30, 2013.


Annual Meeting and Election Results


The Section’s Annual Meeting was held on June 18, 2013.

The following council members were re-elected to serve on the Section’s Governing Council from 7/1/13 to 6/30/16:


            James Lane


The following officers were elected to serve on the Section’s Governing Council from 7/1/13 to 6/30/14:


            Kristen Rice – Chair

            Cathy Crane – Vice Chair

            Eugene Randono – Secretary/Treasurer


Other Section Accomplishments


An ALS Member Appreciation Social was at Ruff House indoor dog park on 11/15/12.


On June 18, 2013 the ALS voted to donate $500 to the Animal Humane Society in appreciation for their participation in our February 2013 CLE which was well-attended and increased the section’s visibility and potential for membership. The admission fee at the CLE was waived and attendees were asked to bring donations in lieu of any admission fee, however, no donations were made.


Submitted By:

Amanda Prutzman, Section Chair


Date 7/1/13


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