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MSBA Positions & Policies on Judiciary

Attacks on the Judiciary
Position: The MSBA should address the increasing attacks on the Judiciary.

In response to increasing attacks on the judiciary, the MSBA adopted a resolution to:

  1. give priority to communicating that an independent judiciary and independent judicial oversight of legislative and executive actions are key, non-negotiable components of our constitutionally established three-branch federal and state government;
  2. join the public discourse in defense of the federal and state judiciary's free exercise of its vital role under the constitution of the United States; and
  3. direct its Council, between meetings of the Assembly, to monitor developments, identify legislative or executive branch initiatives to undermine the proper role of the federal and state judiciary, and report these developments to the Assembly, to the MSBA membership, and to the public

Text of Resolution
Background Report
Minutes of Assembly Action

-Approved by the Assembly 6/17/05-

Judicial Elections

The MSBA supports a strong, independent, impartial judiciary. In support of that goal, the Association maintains a Judicial Elections Committee that monitors changes in rules and statutes, as well as court decisions and their effect on the current judicial selection and election process in Minnesota. In addition, the Association hosts a web page providing information on the importance of an impartial judiciary.

Actions of the MSBA related to judicial elections are posted on the web page of the Judicial Elections Committee.

Political Party Endorsements for Judicial Candidates
Position: The Minnesota State Bar Association opposes political party endorsement of candidates for election to judicial office in this state, and views the endorsements as a significant threat to judicial independence and impartiality and to public confidence in the integrity of the judicial system.

This resolution was forwarded to the chairs of all registered political parties in the state of Minnesota, to the chief judges of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and each judicial district, to each of the elected constitutional officers of the state of Minnesota, and to the leaders of the Minnesota House of Representatives and Minnesota Senate.

-Approved by the General Assembly 6/23/2000-

Appellate Court Retirements
Position: The MSBA will continue to honor retiring state appellate court jurists with a dinner or event.

The resolution suggested events appropriate to honor Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges, and addressed staffing requirements.

-Approved by the Board of Governors 12/6/2002-





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