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Nine Days in June

10th Judicial District

Thursday, June 19, 2014


National Sports Center -- Schwan Center
1700 - 105th Avenue, Blaine

Event Code: 190709

5.75 standard and 1 EOB credits approved






Registration and Continental Breakfast



MSBA Welcoming Remarks
Welcome to the Fifth Annual Nine Days in June 



Locating Assets - Follow the Money
Locating assets, whether intentionally hidden or not, can often be frustrating and time consuming. The presentation will cover methods for conducting an asset investigation that can legally uncover assets or threads that lead to assets through public records and open source information. The presenters will discuss the standard and the not so standard places to search for assets as well as techniques that may find hidden assets. Case studies from recent high profile matters will be featured.

Presenter: Dennis Sackreiter, WayPoint, Inc.



eCourt MN Update
This session will provide participants with an update on the eCourt MN project to transition the Minnesota Judicial Branch to a fully electronic court environment.  The update will focus on:

  • Changes to the rollout schedule for eCourt MN, including suggested timelines for mandatory e-filing of documents with the court system;
  • Requirements regarding document classification and security;
  • Plans for providing electronic access to documents both inside and outside the courtroom; and
  • Heightened need for compliance with Rule 11 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice.

Presenters: Chief Judge Peter Cahill, Fourth Judicial District;  Jeff Shorba, State Court Administrator;  and Mark Moore, Chief Information Officer






Recent Appellate Cases
A justice from the Minnesota Supreme Court, a judge from the Court of Appeals, and one of the leading appellate lawyers in Minnesota will walk you through the most significant appellate cases over the last year.  If you have not kept current with developments in Minnesota case law, this is your opportunity to catch up.  The electronic handouts will include summaries of these cases.  The segment will also include information on court rule changes.

Presenters:  Justice Christopher Dietzen, MN Supreme Court; Judge Margaret Chutich; and Robin Wolpert, Washington County Attorney’s Office







State of the Judicial District
During this segment, you will hear from the Chief Judge of the Tenth Judicial District about the operations of the district; any changes in rules and personnel; and announcements on any new initiatives in the district.  You will benefit from a better understanding of the district court and how you can improve your interaction with the judges and courts staff.  It’s also a great time to ask questions about the courts’ operations.

Presenter: Chief Judge John Hoffman




Focus on the Firm: Challenges to the Practice of Law in 2014
Now, more than ever, lawyers face difficult ethical and economic choices.  Practitioners struggle to find the path to financial success and ethically provide quality legal services while remaining competitive in the legal marketplace. This panel will explore the economic challenges of ethically meeting clients’ needs.  Whether it’s the clients’ inability to pay, competition from other lawyers, or competition from nonlawyers, the practice of law is more risky.  The panel will also look at the question of transferring ownership of a law practice and retirement planning for those practitioners winding down their career.  Join the conversation and find out what advice local and regional experts have for making your firm successful by meeting your clients’ needs and your own bottom line by identifying and avoiding ethical challenges.

Moderator:  Susan Dickel Minsberg, Minsberg Law
Panelists:  Paul Floyd, Wallen-Friedman & Floyd; Leonard Segal, Seiler Schindel; and Todd Scott, Minnesota Lawyers Mutual


EOB credit

The Legal Year in Review brings into focus and discussion the local and global topics that have hit at the heart of diversity and inclusion within the profession in 2013-14. Examples of some of the topics that will be discussed are:

  • the formation of the first woman owned law firm in the middle east;
  • the California Supreme Court’s admission of a undocumented immigrant to the Bar;
  • the U.S. Senate confirmation of the first openly gay person to U.S. Court of Appeals; and
  • the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court, in 75 hours of oral argument, heard from 1 African-American lawyer who argued for 11 Minutes.

Attorneys and legal scholars with various expertise and experiences will lead attendees through a discussion of the potential cultural, legal, political, and precedential ramifications of these topics on an international, national and local scale.  In discussing their ramifications, presenters will highlight the demographic representation of those who are not advancing as rapidly compared to those who are and explore with the audience, “Why?”  Various ideas will be examined on how to advance the elimination of bias within the work place, as well as career advice for underrepresented attorneys seeking professional advancement.

This will be interactive presentation.

Presenters: Bryan Browning, Bassford Remele, Treasurer-Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association and Esteban Rivera, Rivera Law Firm, Vice President-Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association






Delegating Authority – When Tempted by the Power
This program will cover the basics of delegating authority using Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and other avenues.  Discussed will be the benefits and ease of use and establishment, as well as the horror stories of plans gone wrong. 

Presenters: Lisa K. Pluto and Leah R. Gilbert, Pluto Legal, PLLC

Handout: Delegating Authority