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LAD Meeting Minutes

- Past Minutes -

Minnesota State Bar Association
Legal Assistance to the Disadvantaged Committee
January 14, 2014
Present: Sally Silk (co-chair), Pat Burns, Dianne Heins, Cynthia Anderson, Anne Applebaum, Katie
Trotzky, Sue Pontinen, Carol Bros, Gary Hird, Cathy Haukedahl, Steve Marchese &
Lindsay Davis (MSBA staff)
By Telephone: Janine Laird (co-chair), Beverly Heydinger, Lilia Panteleeva, Angela Sipila, Dori Streit,
Matt Boos, Alyssa Zen, Liz Reppe, Bridge Gernander, Jean Lastine, Mary Schneider
1. Introductions- welcome to Lindsay Davis, new MSBA Access to Justice Director
2. November minutes – accepted
3. Program Presentation: Cancelled- L. Michelle Thompson, Staff Attorney, Tubman. Will
reschedule her presentation.
4. Subcommittee Reports
· Pro Bono Council (Steve Marchese)
i. Received updates on State Services’ Online Advice Project. There were
questions about attorneys giving advice to clients online. A pilot project is in the
works which will address questions and concerns about online advice.
ii. Focusing on corporate counsel offering more pro bono services. Upcoming
meeting to develop ideas.
· Law School Initiative (Janine Laird)
i. The Committee met in December and will be meeting again later in January. The
main topic is the declining enrollment at law schools.
· IOLTA (Cathy Haukedahl)
i. Bank letters sent out in December. One bank enrolled and several others have
expressed interest or asked for more information. Hoping to sign up a few more
banks and then focus on publicizing the program.
· Cy Pres (Sue Pontinen)
i. The Bar Foundation very recently confirmed that they are interested in pursuing
receipt of Cy Pres funds in addition to LSAC. The subcommittee will meet within
the next few weeks to discuss this development and how it may affect next
steps in the approval process.
· Civil Gideon (Sally Silk)
i. Law student is revising an educational Power Point presentation. She hopes to
complete it by the end of January/early February, then the subcommittee will
reach out to Family and Administrative Law sections.
· LAD History (Janine Laird)
i. The Committee will meet January 22, 2014. Sally Silk said that the Robbins
Kaplan librarian is happy to help with the project.
· Emeritus/In-House Counsel (Sally Silk)
i. Two attorneys have registered under the new rules. Many more are likely
interested. There is a challenge of identifying and reaching the target
demographic. There is no centralized statewide list of retired attorneys to
access for outreach. Subcommittee is working on four projects:
§ Developing fact sheets about Rule 14 for interested attorneys.
§ Looking into contacting pro bono coordinators at firms, legal services,
and nonprofits to find out how they could help get the word out to
eligible retired attorneys. Also possible article in Bench and Bar to reach
these individuals.
§ Drafting a best practices memo to connect with attorneys.
§ Developing trainings on pro bono issues tailored to retired attorneys.
New On-Demand CLE rules will affect these trainings after July 1.
· Judiciary (Bridget Gernander)
i. Subcommittee met once via phone to brainstorm ways that the subcommittee
could be useful. Ideas included weighing in on issues that affect the courts (IFPs)
and recognizing and recruiting pro bono attorneys.
ii. Bridget has identified several judges who are interested in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th,
9th, and 10th districts, as well as one Court of Appeals judge. She would like to
schedule a judiciary subcommittee meeting in February.
5. Updates
· Becker Awards (Lindsay Davis)
i. Now accepting nominations for Becker Awards for legal services staff and law
students. Cynthia Anderson, Bev Heydinger, and possibly Gary Hird volunteered
for the subcommittee. Lindsay will coordinate with the subcommittee and post
deadlines, information, previous winners, and application materials by 1/17/14.
· LSAC Openings (Bridget Gernander)
i. LSAC has two MSBA-nominated openings Applications are due to Jodi Fenner at
the MSBA by March 14. The Assembly will approve a nominee at the April 25th
meeting. LSAC also has one non-attorney opening, with more information
available from the court.
· LSAP In Forma Pauperis (IFP) Proposal
i. The Committee reviewed and discussed LSAP’s draft revision of Minn. Stat.
563.01, which contains clarifications to the state’s existing IFP statute regarding
reimbursement. The Committee decided to support informally LSAP moving
forward with its bill.
6. Next meeting: March 4, 2014