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Study and make recommendations relating to the general and specific powers and functions of the Assembly relating to Judicial matters as identified in § 4.1 of the MSBA Bylaws

The MSBA Judiciary Committee has put together materials to make it easy for you to speak to community groups about Minnesota's judiciary, judicial selection, and the importance of a fair and impartial judiciary. The materials are also available on a CD that is available free of charge from the Minnesota State Bar Association. If you would like to receive a copy of the CD, please e-mail Nancy Mischel at

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MSBA positions and resolutions

June 2007: The MSBA supports changing to a system of judicial selection and retention that is as free from political influence as possible and that includes: (1) initial screening of candidates by a merit selection commission; (2) appointment by the Governor from a list of candidates recommended by the merit selection commission; (3) evaluation of each judge's performance by a nonpartisan evaluation commission; and (4) the retention of each judge decided by the voters with the result of the judge's evaluation made known.
For further detail please see:
August 2007: Fixing the Roof While the Sun Shines By MSBA President Brian Melendez

September 2007: Fixing the Roof While the Sun Shines - II By MSBA President Brian Melendez

2005: Resolution stating that the MSBA recommends that the Legislature defer any action on legislation affecting judicial selection or election to allow time for further study (Approved by Assembly December 9, 2005)

2004: Position statement regarding exercise of free speech by judicial candidates and action of recommendations from 2003 report (Approved by Assembly September 17, 2004)

2004: Recommendations from the 2003 report (Approved by Board of Governors April 16, 2004)

2003: Judicial Elections Committee Report and Recommendations to the Board of Governors ("Gehan" report, approved by Board of Governors Dec. 5, 2003)

2000: Resolution opposing political party endorsement of candidates; views endorsements as threats to judicial indpendence, impartiality, and public confidence. Adopted by General Assembly June 23, 2000

1997: Judicial Elections Task Force Report & Recommendations

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